Everyone here is a contributor in their own way. This means being active in our weekly discussions, sharing their hearts, introductions, or other support, collaborating on group initiatives, and contributing financially to help pay for guest speakers and support the infrastructure that keeps the group going. We ask each member to give as they are able to sponsor future members and our shared work as we grow this community. We have no outside sponsors or investors.

Join Our Community

While this is an invitation-only community, we are happy to extend an invitation to any senior business leader who is committed to helping their organization move from fear-based policies to love based practices. Introduce yourself below to start the conversation.

Help Business Evolve

Contribute Financially

Thank you for bringing your whole self to this group – that is the single greatest contribution you make to this community. Thank you for your generosity and support of our shared vision of helping businesses move from fear-based policies to love-based practices.

Membership Fund

The cost of your membership is covered by other members’ contributions. If you’re able, we’d like to invite you to cover the cost of a fellow member.

Comparable Membership Fees
Organization Annual Monthly
Young Presidents’ Organization $14,100 $1,175
Entrepreneurs’ Organization $5,000 $417
Contribution Community (suggested) $3,000 $250
SHRM Affiliate $350 $29