Contribute v. Consume

Contribute v. Consume

Have you been looking for a one-stop solution you could purchase to transform your business and life into a planet-saving, heart-warming success story?

This is not it.

Frankly, it’s this kind of thinking that stands in the way of success. We’re looking for someone to hand us a fix, an insight, or a blueprint. But, what if real transformation can’t be bought, downloaded, or keynoted? Sure, there are brilliant models and frameworks to replace old paradigms of business strategy, but no matter how many times we rewrite the business textbooks the real journey is in the mind, heart, and hands of the student.

What we’re suggesting is that only you know how to change the world. Because, you are the first “world” that must change. Gestalt Psychology promotes a paradoxical theory: that you will only change when you fully accept who you are. We put so much energy into pulling on our bootstraps, trying to become the people we think we need to be. We learn and learn, shop and shop, strive and strive. But, when you look deep inside, how much have we really changed? How much have our businesses really changed?

If you want to be part of a community of people who’ve taken responsibility for their own journey, who want to love and serve others on their journey, and who have dedicated themselves to contributing their best to this life we share – if you want to move from fear-based policies to love-based practices, there’s an extra space at the table for you.